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What’s love got to do with this ?!


I know what scandal press is all about, I had to deal with it for 25 years, as a succesfull Tv star. But, in my own country, where is also about competitors, about trying to drag down someone who’s in a public eye, because that makes some loosers happy and some bad newspapers to sell better their “work”. Here, in Austria, I’m just Felix Baumgartner’s girlfriend and when you talk shit about me, with no reason, it’s about harming Felix.

Yeah, I know, you’ve done this before, with one of the biggest living legend you’ve ever had. I’m travelling around the world with Felix a lot and everywhere we go, I am so touched and so proud to see how much they love him, they respect him and his carreer.

Australians, Americans, asians, Arabic people, British , Romanians and so on, they treat him like a true hero of our modern times. But, here in Austria and, well, even in Salzburg, his home town, you didn’t even make a street with his name. Even worst, you made him leave the country, because …, well again:), his compatriots from the Minister of Finance didn’t recognize him as an athlet, like so many other world champions who are completely entitled to have some fiscal advantages.

This guy have made the whole world to talk about Austria and to admire his outstanding achievements, from crossing the English Channel to being the first human being who break the sound barrier.

No, for some Austrians, he is not enough to be respected and treated like a hero. No wonder the whole world is talking now about a woman with a beard…. Maybe it’s time to wake up, dear Austrian press, maybe it’s not to late to start learning to admire and appreciate your own extraordinary compatriots.

The whole world did it already, but probably you were to busy to gossip your heroes …- from simple people to the most famous people around the world, from kings, Lords, to the Secretary of United Nations, presidents of many countries and all the official commitees which are proud to give prestigious awards to special heroes, they all love to shake Felix hand, to welcome him like a super star and to respect any woman next to him.

They’ve gave him all the honours and awards out there, they’ve welcome him in Tv shows as the world most famous athlet from Austria… CNN, Discovery, BBC and so many other… After all, it’s first a question of education and then it’s about remembering what Felix has done for your country, dear Austrians.

If you like to insult him or his woman or his family in his own country, maybe the next logical move for Felix would be not to attend any Austrian event. And then you will have again to stick to the woman with a beard, which is a super Austrian national hero, not some real men who are risking their life to achieve world records and to put Austria on the map of tough, strong, handsome, real men.

I hope I will not be too old when you will start to respect your own values. Maybe I will need help to cross a street with his name, but I will be so proud and my respect for Austria will be …back in business.

Now I go back to my workout routine – you should follow some of my lifestyle highlights, just to see why I look so young at my age, living a healthy life, never drinking any alchool, why I live in Monaco, where I am raising my son to respect heroes and all the succesful people around, no matter what age they are….and…why I am so happy with the man of my dreams. I really wish you all the joy and beauty of my life.

For those who have no idea why I wrote this, here is the explanation – in an austrian newspaper it is an article with the title “Felix and the “Old Lady”, while in the picture was me in him, in front of the famous Dornier plane, who’s nick name is “The Old Lady”. Of course, the title was a bad joke of a so call “journalist”- even my son makes better jokes, at 11 years old and for sure my son will never make fun about a woman’s age, because I ‘ve raised him wisely, to respect women, no matter their age or their look.

Of course, you must have a reason to insult a woman who did absolutely nothing wrong to you , so I can only have some guess – a gelous journalist, woman or gay ? A hater who don’t like Romanians or…jewish people ? An unhappy person, totally disturbed by 2 hot, succesfull people, so in love that they don’t give a shit about what people like this person think ?…

Dear author of this lame article, I do give a shit because, before I love Felix, I am admiring him a lot and I respect every single achievement of his life. I am wondering what’s your life story ? And what’s your love story ? Probably as lame and disgusting as your joke and, most probably, yout biggest achievement so far was to harm succesful people like Felix. Too bad no one will ever admire you for that… What’s next ?

You will invite Hannes Arch and his sexy girlfriend to Zoo, in front of the girafffe cage, writing a title like “Hannes and his giraffe”?! Or you will go beyond any limit and you’ll write about “fat, short, handicaped” girlfriends ? :))… I will not be surprised, but I will keep asking myself who are your readers ?! Probably people with no respect like you…

Mihaela Schwartzenberg

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8 Responses to “What’s love got to do with this ?!”

  1. r.santopietro@gmail.com' Rocco Santopietro says:

    Nemo Propheta In patriae !!!!!! Mihaela this is nothing new it goes back to the roots of our origin is already cited in the bible “So they took offense at him. But Jesus said to them, “The only place a prophet isn’t honored is in his hometown and in his own house.” so nothing new, why you even get annoyed, Povestea Vostra merge mai departe!!!!!
    For you I even have a better one from Dante in Inferno cit. “Non ragioniam di Lor ma guarda e passa!” When Virgilio met the fools said Don’t care about them but look and move on

  2. myruna_xayde@yahoo.com' Miruna Andreea says:

    With all due respect…before publishing an open letter written in a foreign language, make sure you proofread it before releasing it and check for grammar mistakes. Writing correctly in a foreign language is as important as writing correctly in one’s own native language, especially for people like you, who are constantly in the spotlight. Otherwise, the letter makes a strong – and may I say plausible – statement.

  3. micaela605@yahoo.com' Mihaela Hristache says:

    Cred ca cel mai onorabil ar fi sa-l lasi pe el sa te apere…e atat de absurd sa le vorbesti austriecilor despre un austriac de-al lor…te-ai certat cu toti din Romania acum ii iei la rand si pe austrieci? No offence…lasa-i pe altii sa spuna cat de bine arati, caci pana una alta vad ca tot mai multi spun contrariul..ti-e atat de greu sa iesi din primul rand? Chiar imi placi, pentru tot ce -ai facut si pentru cat ai evoluat…dar chiar nu obosesti sa te cramponezi de cat de sanatos si frumos traiesti si ce copil destept ai, cand astea sunt lucruri de bun simt si nu pot sterge situatiile penibile in care te pui singura…?

    • mrevecu@hotmail.com' Monica Revecu says:

      agree! mihaela este o leoaica care nu suporta sa ii fie sifonat orgoliul. ea atata stie acum /ca arata minunat, ca gayii nu sunt ok, ca felix trebuie sa aiba o strada cu numele lui si ca copilul ei traieste cu valori morale de nezdrucinat. mihaela, relaxeaza/te, traieste/ti viata, traieste/ti tineretea, batranetea, bucuriile, tristetile/frumos, fara sa te lauzi atata. ca sa vorbesti despre propria persoana spunand ca esti un star tv de succes si ca arati ca o pustoaica e mai mult decat lamentabil. dar ma rog…daca asta te face pe tine fericita, continua asa.

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